The reality tales!

Thinking! Thinking is  something we all do, intentionally or unintentionally. Just imagine what a chaos is our mind with all those thoughts roaming around. Some not even worth considering, but still they are there.

Some thoughts are strong enough to grab your attention. Like that thought that just crossed your mind. Yea, may be they don’t like you as much as you want them to. May be you are not cut out for that position you so badly wanted. May be it was meant to happen the way it did.

We are so engrossed in this line of process, wondering about the million possibilities that a situation could have turned into. We forget that there is reality that exists! There are people who love you more than you could imagine. That position was not meant for you because there was something greater coming your way, and it did happen the way it should have.

All the things turn into your favour if only we try to see the other side and put in the efforts we are meant to. Not more not less , the right amount of it. All those saying working harder brings you success may or may not come true. But the right effort and right attitude will make and turn any situation into something useful.

Let’s share some thoughts about this. Tell me some of your stories. Like they say when reality hits !! 🙂